At the festival site

Payment Methods

Tomorrowland and DreamVille are completely Cashless.

As soon as your Tomorrowland Bracelets arrive at home, you are able to top up your Bracelet with 'Pearls', the official currency of Tomorrowland. 

This means your Bracelet will not only grant you access to Tomorrowland and/or DreamVille but but it will also be the only way to pay for food and drinks.

More information about the Tomorrowland Bracelets and Cashless will be available as from June.  


The lockers to store your belongings can be found at Tomorrowland & DreamVille.

You can buy your locker voucher online. Exact date & prices for this ticket sale will be released on the social media & website.

Why rent a locker?

  • You can store your valuable belongings & clothing, without having to worry about loss or theft. We ask for a small contribution for hiring a locker during the weekend/ day. 
  • During the opening hours, lockers are continuously under surveillance. The lockers are always accessible for the people who rent them.

  • SIZE: You can share 1 locker with 2 or 3 friends. You can store a few jackets, sweaters, T-shirts, shoes,… A trolley is too big to fit in the locker whereas a backpack would fit easily. 


There will be a stand on the festival ground where you can buy all kinds of official Tomorrowland merchandise. All these items will also be available via our Finest Store online. 


Using the toilets is free of charge at Tomorrowland and DreamVille. Similar to last year, there are wooden boards underneath and surrounding the toilets, which will be cleaned on a regular basis.
There are special FreshPoints at the festival site where you can freshen up yourself.

It is strictly prohibited to urinate in public. When caught urinating in public you run the risk of being removed from the festival grounds.


Photo devices/ Cameras
Digital photo cameras and/or video cameras are allowed on the grounds with the exception of (semi) professional equipment. Tomorrowland advises to make as many movies as possible and put loads onto YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, etc.!

Photo- and film recording
During the festival there will be photos and video recordings: when entering the festival grounds all visitors give their silent consent to the organisation to use and broadcast this footage

First Aid

During the festival a team of the Vlaams Kruis (Flemish Cross) and a doctor will be permanently present. You can recognize the Vlaams Kruis by their yellow flag with a black cross.

If you need to bring your medication to the festival, please make sure you have a medical letter with you to show at the entrance. 


Tomorrowland has created, together with Blox Earplugs, an exclusive and limited edition of Tomorrowland Music Earplugs. Make sure that you enjoy the music in the most relaxed way possible. Other models will also be available at the Blox stand at the festival (roundabout at Main Entrance). 
Free earplugs (NO music earplugs) will be available at the First Aid.


Charging your Mobile Phone

At Tomorrowland & DreamVille it’s possible to charge your mobile phone. This way you’ll be able to reach your friends and to share your, once in a lifetime, experiences on your social media.