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DreamVille The Gathering Opening Party

You only have access to the Gathering (warming up party) if you have a valid DreamVille Package (DreamVille Magnificent Greens, Friendship Garden, Easy Tent, Relax Room, DreamLodge, Cabana or Mansion).

Weekend 1: Thursday 20th of July
Weekend 2: Thursday 27th of July

Can I bring a mobilhome or a caravan to DreamVille?

No, Mobilehomes and caravans are not allowed at the DreamVille campsite nor at the parking's. 
- you will not be able to park a mobilehome or caravan at one of our parking's
- In Belgium it is strictly prohibited to camp in public places. 
- If you set up your caravan or camper along the road, you will be towed.
So please, leave them at home.

Can I bring a trailer to DreamVille?

We do not approve trailers on the DreamVille parking.

If you do bring a trailer, this will be charged as a second car. 


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Please first check the FAQ before contacting us. This way we can limit the amount of mails in the info mailbox and be able to answer the most important questions in detail. E-mails containing questions of which the answers can be found on the website will therefore not be answered.

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